About Us

Our Philosophy is your Philosophy…

Jennifer wishes you to have a relaxing and totally enjoyable nail session in the luxurious Newbury Street, Back Bay nail and skin salon. Professionally trained and talented nail associates will give you excellent results and cause you to feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the day or evening. You will be satisfied that your experience was the best it could be and our full list of nail and waxing services are available to both women and men patrons. Our salon culture is that of serving our guests with the best possible services and products in a healthy and hygienic environment. When you leave our salon, you will look forward to your next appointment with us.

Our Commitment Is Your Commitment…

You want the best results for the time you spend at Jennifer’s Nail & Skin Salon. You desire and deserve quality nail and skin service and design in an environment that is friendly, calm, clean, and results orientated. We know you work hard, so why not let us help you relax and enjoy the time you spend being pampered. You commit to take care of yourself; share that commitment with professionals who will see that you do.

Our highest priority is guest satisfaction, so we endeavor to ensure our services and products give you the satisfaction of knowing you have the finest in quality, comfort, and beauty as you rightly deserve. Thousands of women and men have discovered the city’s best secret–come in today or visit our online web site for a complete list of services and comments to see for yourself!

Jennifer’s Nail & Skin Salon on Newbury Street in Boston, Massachusetts offers services and products at excellent prices. 

Come in today for your free color evaluation or call us at: (617) 437-0777